true you project

Capture Your Child's Poise and Confidence

Emotional health & well-being are vital to help our kids feel successful and create positive change that lasts. Even the most confident and socialized children can struggle to find self-acceptance in today’s world.

Di Rocco Bratic

Like your child, this project is truly one of a kind!

This photo-therapy experience is designed to help our children see themselves for how amazing they truly are, so they never feel alone, lost, or without purpose.

Zoe Patton

young woman on swing
Testimonial 1

We have had a lovely experience
Can hardly wait to share our
beautiful pictures with our family


Our 4th session over 7years
went amazingly! Documenting our
family’s growth has meant the world to us!


Thank you so much for allowing
me to come in and see how I
actually looked which made me
feel very pretty (12 yrs old)

guestbook testimonial

I had a great time. I felt
like a goddess when I did the
photos. I was able to feel like a
princess with the flowers and silk
(Age 11 yrs)

Silvio Really Knows How


Profession- Very Impressive


This was the best experience. I

am truly glad that I made the

decision to do this.  Thank you.


Wonderful Experience!  Made the

session very pleasant &

entertaining.  Thank you so much.


Silvio & Lorita are

amazing,  The whole

entire experience was great.

Truly Amazing.  Thank you

so much for your

kindness & support embarassed


Amazing experience

Love, Susan & Kids


This was an absolutely amazing

experience.  We had no idea what it

would be but we went with it.  Silvio

made taking the picture fun & simple-

no stress.  The result was an absolutely

gorgeous portrait. We will def be

coming back!