Thank You Testimonial


Thank you for a wonderful experience! My family and I are amazed, excited and pleased with the portrait you created.

You produced a treasured legacy for me to leave my heirs.

I am beyond words that you selected my portrait as the featured picture for Biltmore Studios. What an honor!

What a pleasure the portrait you created of me has provided my family.

You are truly a rock star in the world of art. You and your portraitures are beyond expectations. They are spectacular and a gift a family will always treasure. You are incredibly talented.

A “portrait” is worth a thousand words, but your art work leaves us speechless. You have an almost mystical ability to capture the true nature of people.

I’d recommend you to anyone.  Thank you!

Ernie Garfield,
Chairman, Interstate Bank Developers, Inc., former Arizona State Senator, Arizona State Treasurer, and Arizona Corporation Commissioner.

Hanging in my home for many months now is the Heritage Portrait of my husband and I, which Silvio produced. We are blessed to have this living testimony of our love reflected in Silvio’s artistic expression. He captured our individuality, the softness of love in our facial expressions as well as our strength of character. For many months, I have lived with this Portrait before I could find the words to express my gratitude. The other day my husband placed a vase of flowers on our table and turned the light on our portrait. When I came home my heart opened to see the flowers. As I turned I saw our portrait lighted, a silent statement of love. Tears welled up in my heart and eyes. Such a simple act of love that has me falling in love with my husband every day I see our Heritage Portrait.

Ina  “Laughing Winds” Mlekush

We are so thrilled with the work you have done for our family. These masterpieces you have created are the most treasured items we have in our home
Jamie R Hormel – Paradise Valley

I found the little footsteps plan very attractive because it set a plan for me to capture
those moments I was too busy to capture myself. Plus the price was right!

I’m so grateful for the wealth of images Silvio created. I see how
the time has flown and I wish I had all my photos done from day
one of my pregnancy. As I look at these portraits I am speechless
and grateful! Thank you! My heart is crying happy tears.

Marcy Strand