9 Reasons That Make A Biltmore Studios Portrait Unlike Any Other Portrait In The World

1.     We are Master Portrait Artists At Biltmore Studios, we do not photograph weddings, location portraits, commercial work or model portfolios.  Instead, we dedicate 100% of our focus on doing one thing better than anyone else: exquisite painting-like portraits.  We are experts in the art of classic portraiture, creating an unmistakable look that is immediately recognized as a “Biltmore”.
2.     Lavish Hand Artistry A Biltmore Portrait is the marriage between the realism of a photograph and the distinct richness of an oil painting.  Biltmore chooses to use an “old world technology” to create an original piece of art for each client.  Once your portrait has been printed to the highest stands, it is then turned over to one of our renowned artist.  Our Masterpiece Portraits are enhanced with several layers of oil-based artistry applied to your portrait to bring out the most subtle of details.  One cannot help but notice how the artist carefully awakens each highlight of the portrait to its fullest beauty and grandeur, rendering it similar to an exquisite oil painting.  All Masterpiece Portraits are finished entirely by one of our master artists. Their painting skills completes the Biltmore characteristic; giving each portrait an exquisite three dimensional and life-like look finished in grand European style.

3.     Unmistakable Background

Our unique custom hand-painted background is a signature of every Biltmore Portrait. The look of this background was carefully calculated in order to provide the most beautiful backdrop possible.  Blue, the coolest color in the color spectrum, was intentionally chosen to be the prevalent color in the background.  Skin tones, naturally warm in color, contrast and pull away from the blue of the background, creating an unmistakable three-dimensional effect.  Biltmore commissioned an artist to create this one-of-a-kind background, making the background of your portrait all the more rare and special.

4.     Masterpiece Canvas Finish The rich canvas finish of a Biltmore Portrait is unmistakable.  After all artistry is applied to your portrait, it is then printed using a fine art process developed by world renowned printmaker Jack Duganne that results in the highest museum quality photographic reproduction available. Your portrait is created with fade-resistant archival inks and substrates, ensuring heirloom longevity.

5.     We Do Not Use “Chop and Join” Framing Many so-called custom framing jobs are a mere “chopping and joining” of pre-made frame sticks that have been imported to the United States from less expensive parts of the world.  The result is often a flat, generic finish with a visible line in the corners of the frame where they have been joined together at the seam.  Over the years, as weathering takes place, these seams can become more obvious and uneven.In Contrast, each Biltmore Frame is hand finished and built from scratch here in the United States one at a time in the “old-fashioned” artisan tradition.  Each Biltmore Frame is a “closed corner frame”.  This means that there are no seams in the corners.  Each frame is carefully wet and dry polished prior to applying layers of red and black clay, which provide exquisite depth and under-detail to the leafing (most frames simply use lacquer under the leafing).  Gold leafing imported from Germany or Italy is then hand applied.  Custom antiquing is done in a manner to specifically match our portraits and to further pull out the warmth of the skin tones.  Decorative leafs are added to each corner to further add beauty and detail.  Each Biltmore Frame is historically accurate and has its roots from the Louis XVI period and the Hudson River School of Art.  Individuals who are connoisseurs of art will immediately recognize your attention to detail in framing your portrait.

6.     22 Karat Gold Hand Engraved Nameplates A 22kt. Gold nameplate is like a beautiful piece of jewelry for your frame, and one is included with each frame that we complete.  This prestigious detail provides a finishing touch of authenticity to your portrait.

7.     Extreme Protection Though protective lacquer is applied throughout the creation of your portrait, when all artistry is done, a minimum of four more layers is administered.  This step goes the extra mile in providing necessary UV protection as well as to help guard the portrait from damages caused by external sources.  You may occasionally wish to clean your portrait with Windex and a soft cotton cloth.  Note:  Never try this on any portrait that is not a Biltmore Portrait.

8.     Biltmore is One of the Great Portraitist of our Time Internationally award winning artists, the Master Photographers of Biltmore Studios are recognized by their peers for their dramatic classic portraits.  They are international instructors, and their works hang in collections around the world.  Their portraits have been published in various critically acclaimed publications.Biltmore’s clients have an unmatched dedication to our artistry and style. Biltmore clients are willing to travel hundreds of miles for a commissioned portrait. Clients have even been known to fly internationally to be photographed by Biltmore Portrait Artists. 

9.    Platinum Lifetime Guarantee When you commission a framed Biltmore Portrait, you not only get the best guarantee in the industry, but you also get an amazing insurance plan.  Quite simply, we guarantee your portrait for life, down to every detail, and against all damages.  If your portrait is ever harmed in any way whether it be your fault or not, or if it fails to meet your highest standards of quality, we will replace it at no charge.  In the very rare circumstance that we cannot do that, we will offer you a new portrait session and portrait plus an additional thousand dollars of studio credit at absolutely no cost.