Clothing Guidelines For A Biltmore Portrait


A Biltmore Portrait is displayed in some of the finest homes around the country. The classic look of our Portraits are highly sought after due to it’s timelessness, a beautiful representation of your family that becomes a legacy work of art to be passed on to your future generations.

Your portrait is carefully orchestrated by our Master Photographers, each experts in the field of classic portraiture. There are many elements that go into a classic Biltmore Portrait, including the attire.

The following guidelines represent a description of the formal attire to be worn for your portrait:

Black or Charcoal suit, white long sleeve shirt, solid color tie (preferably matching among the gentlemen and complimentary to the woman’s attire), and dress shoes. Tuxedos (with ties or bowties) are highly recommended as it adds a higher level of formality to your portrait.

Formal gown or dress that would be worn for a special occassion. Black is recommended, however we suggest wearing a dress that you feel most elegant in. Long sleeves are highly suggested.

Formal attire for children to match the adults style and colors. Suits for boys, dresses for girls.

Please contact Biltmore Studios at 480-945-2600 for any questions you may have on your specific clothing selections. We are always glad to provide clothing consultation to ensure the finest portrait of your family.